Monday, 27 July 2015

Jantar Book Title Competition Results

We sifted through just over one hundred entries from Finland, Australia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France and Holland. We were very happy to receive many more entries than we expected and, strangely, many more suggestions for Tonda Bajaja's "Na krásné modré dřevnici" than the more famous "Báječná léta pod psa" by Michal Viewegh.

As a result, the Jantar team had some very hard decisions to make and decided to take their time. Remember, we were looking for catchy and commercial, not a translation! So, without further ado, the titles chosen are:

Viewegh: Bliss was it in Bohemia. Winner: David Short (yes, inspired by the Wordsworth poem!)

Bajaja: Burying The Season. Winner: Gabriela Oaklandová

Congratulations to both! 

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